and flat panels

The manufacturing of semiconductor wafers and flat panel glass substrates takes place in very tightly controlled environments. As such, the equipment used in the making of these products necessitates the highest quality materials.

Constellium’s extended experience in semiconductor and flat panel display equipment combined with world class manufacturing capabilities make it the ideal partner to manufacturers – both for functional parts (vacuum process and transfer chambers, vacuum valves and pumps, load locks, etc.) and consumable parts (showerheads, diffusers, etc.)

Constellium’s aluminium plates are engineered and manufactured to meet top industry requirements:

  • High purity so as to avoid contamination in high temperature environments
  • Durability, a parameter essential in producing high-end machinery
  • Easier machining thanks to superior flatness and low residual stress
  • Consistency in chemical composition to allow reproducibility and improved anodic coating outcomes
  • Exceptional dimensional capabilities in width and thickness – to meet increasing demand for larger machinery. Constellium operates some of the largest manufacturing assets worldwide for casting, rolling and stretching plates

Semiconductor and flat panel product offering